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Catracholandia - The Movie

Log Line:

CATRACHOLANDIA is an intimate, raw, and emotional documentary following an immigrant artist returning to his country of origin, Honduras, to paint murals for orphanages.  This minimalistic road trip takes us to a land ruled by greedy cartels where most children are left with only three options: join, migrate, or die.

Director's Statement:

In march of 2016 I travelled to my country of origin with the intent to paint murals in various orphanages in Honduras. Basically I wanted to bring a little bit of joy to the children even if it was just for a couple of days.
Going into the project I was unable to establish contact with any orphanages by email so I was not very confident that it would work but I was very hopeful that visiting the locations in person would make a difference.
The expedition was an absolute success because I was able to paint at 3 locations spread out throughout the country. I normally capture video and photography of my art projects but something else happened on this trip. As always I started to get to know the people and as always they were very trusting of me and began to share their personal stories.

Because I had enough gear I decided to capture and record interviews of anyone and everyone that would talk to me. As the idea developed I started to realize that it was now imperative for me to see this through and to express it to the largest audience possible.

The documentary film is entitled Catracholandia because the people of Honduras are known as Catrachos and our country has been known as one of pure natural beauty.

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