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Older, Wiser and Much Fitter

After three years off I'm back!  I wish I could tell you that not very much has changed because if I did I would be lying. The fact is that I feel like a completely different person. By that, I don't mean that I promise to impress you with an entirely new form of art or even that I have taken my style to new heights. No, I mean that I have rediscovered some basic habits that have rejuvenated my physical self and by default corrected some of my old patterns.
I don't want to be cliche when I tell you that the pandemic derailed my plans and that at the same time it served as a mirror which exposed me to myself. Also, in an effort to avoid being too dramatic, I will just say that I did not like who I saw and began to slowly make some changes. I began to retrain my body and to spend all of my time with my kids.
As far as the my personal studio of ten years where I perfected my craft, where I met hundreds of people every month and sold my art... Im saddened to tell you that as the sickness spread and the restrictions increased, it turned into a financial nightmare. Its gone!
My physical transformation began by going for a long walk at the end of the day, mostly because there was nothing much for me to do. I then stopped consuming alcohol and gave up smoking because I was scared that covid would take me out; given that, it was known right from the start to be a debilitating respiratory and cardiovascular disease. From there, I began to hit a tennis ball against the wall which quickly made me realize that the atrophy of my body was extremely acute.
After a month or two of this painful routine, I began to see some changes which naturally I had to share with my children. We as a family began to play tennis everyday at the park and exercise together in our little home gym because remember, the world was still mostly shutdown.
And then, it happened!!! We discovered pickleball and never looked back. We play as much as possible and when I mean possible, I mean daily and until the wheels fall off!
For sometime now, I have felt my art career calling me back. I am not afraid to tell you that I have been extremely hesitant because I am not certain that I can hold it together or that I am prepared to live sober and clean while still dealing with the day to day byproducts of my creative process. I can't promise to my kids that I will continue to spend the proper amount of time for us to grow older together and maintain the solid relationship we have today. And I cannot promise myself that I will continue to improve at this silly game called Pickleball, which for whatever reason means so much to me.
I can only say this: I'm back and I'm ready to try!
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