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Born and raised in Honduras,
educated in New York, aged in California


The Story

For over 10 years Santos has been practicing his Maya Pop Style which he defines as a byproduct of an exercise that is purely dependent on maintaining a balance between the conscious and the subconscious.


The Collections

From an early start Santos has been a big believer of creating in large sets. He believes that it is the only proper way to explore a new set of parameters.

This concept allows him to move forward slowly but constantly.


The Murals

In the fall of 2010, Santos got his first taste of street art in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and has not since looked back.

His distinct style can be found anywhere he happens to be invited and/or happens to visit on his own.


The Free Beans

A project consisting of sets of hand painted original pieces left to decorate the surroundings or for people to find and keep if they choose to do so.

Over 1000 pieces served!


The Movies

Over the years, Santos has discovered that story telling is the main force driving him. He has now completed two short films with his unique style and personal point of view.

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