Espejos convincentes
(Convincing Mirrors)
July 2017
A set of 23 original pieces made with acrylic and paint marker on wood, each custom framed to 20x30 inches in size.
Twenty-three pieces reflect on the father-son relationship. There is a subconscious healing in these pieces which leads to a realization that the artist wants more for himself and his children.  The collection’s theme is on the desire to have the strength and will to fix these relationships rather than give up.

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Title: Cazador o jugador (Huntsman or Player)
Title: Pagando el costo (Paying the Cost)
Title: Corrientes (Currents)
Title: Tres (Three)
Title: Tiempo y gracias (Time and Thanks)
Title: Rompiendo la escena (Breaking the Scene)
Title: Sed de tortura (Thirsty Tortura)
Title: Pacificado (Pacified)
Title: Rima de vivero (Nursery Rhyme)
Title: Exito y simbolos (Success and Symbols)
Title: Resbalando (Slipping)
Title: A punto de encender (Almost Turning On)
Title: Afuera por demasiado tiempo (Out Too Long)
Title: Mi reclamacion (My Claim)
Title: Quedandose perplejo (Left Wondering)
Title: Sentado solo (Sitting Alone)
Title: Buscando placer (Seeking Pleasure)
Title: Mentes crucificadas (Crucified Minds)
Title: Sin ver atras (Without Looking Back)
Title: Repeticion original (Original Repetition)
Title: Ofreciendo algo (Offering Something)
Title: Murmurando secretos (Whispering Secrets)
Title: Soñando en color (Dreaming in Color)