Title:  Demostraciones (Demonstrations)

Collection: Noticias de ultima hora (Breaking News)

Size: 30x40 inches

Edition Number: 2 of 25

This collection shows the constant motion of our modern news cycle, each piece bursting with movement and action. Will the viewer stand back and absorb the activity of the collection as a whole or focus in on the details of each piece even when surrounded by a flurry of stimuli.  In a world where news has become a business, the consumer is left to sort out the sensationalized. How are we affected as we are desensitized from this process? In a news cycle that is always moving on to the next thing can we focus and search for details or do we simply recognize the noise and continue on.


Product Description:

  • Limited edition and artist signed (1/25)
  • Printed on canvas on our large format printer
  • Professionally sealed
  • Stretched on our custom stretcher bars using our stretcher machine
  • Ready to hang


  • All original art sales are final.