New Mural in Leucadia, California.

A few years ago I began scouting cool, locally-owned businesses looking to incorporate public art in their spaces.  Our beach communities are full of interesting and unique people and points of view and our hangouts should reflect that. 


Many of our best local spots don’t have the budget for big art projects so I decided to lend a helping hand, often exchanging a mural for a beer, a sandwich or a “thanks!”.  


That is how I met Mario, owner of Moto Deli in Leucadia.  It is locally owned and bar none, the best sandwich in town.  After grabbing a Reuben we got to talking and since he knew my work we were off to a quick start. 


Now everybody is happier and maybe, just maybe, the next time you eat there, you will relax, enjoy some art and not even think to spend your meal staring at your phone. 

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