New Mural in Solana Beach, California.
For those that enjoy a good mural hunt, this one is at Big Fish Tattoo located at 243 North Hwy 101, STE 18 in Solana Beach, CA 92075.
Let me see if I can set the scene: The crew there is for sure one of a kind and from what I experienced, very professional and skilled at their craft.
I also noticed that these guys are super busy with a massive following and clientele. I suggest that if you are looking for some work done, you should call ahead.
Whoever is in charge of curating the space does a fantastic job. You will find yourself surrounded by vintage items such as boom boxes, video game consoles, magazine covers as art installations and off course bad ass framed tattoo studies by the in house collective of talent. I must say that the ambiance was perfect for my process since the music ranged from punk to classic hip hop and every genre in between. 
Ohh... and if you play nice, you get espressos as needed. Needless to say, I felt like a duck in water.
On my end, I was at the time going through my son's 6th birthday and so I could not shake off the thoughts and feelings regarding the dynamic between father and son. And as always, through the meditative aspect of mural creation comes a wide range of stimuli.
I present to you in collaboration with Big Fish Tattoo, Temas De Legado (Legacy Issues).

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