Ashton Gallery is proud to partner with Oceanside Museum of Art as they present our first show of the year and feature a wonderful collection of art from local artists in the San Diego area.

Exhibit Dates: JANUARY 12 - FEBRUARY 9




Saturday, January 12th
​Ashton Gallery at Art on 30th
1st Floor Main Galleries
Hosted Wine Bar
RSVP not required

Here are the two pieces of mine which you can expect to see in the show:

Title: Envuelveme con amor 

(Swaddle Me with Love)

Collection: Replicacion (Replication)

Medium: Acrylic paint on watercolor paper

Size: 11x14 inches

Frame Size: 19x23 inches

Price: $1,900


This piece explores the new world brought about by fatherhood.  It looks at the responsibilities of caring for and protecting a new life from the dangers around it; as well as the excitement of a new beginning of the parents’ lives.  This piece is from a collection which celebrates the inspired beginning of family.

Title: La Loba (She Wolf)

Collection: Filosofia y excentricidades

(Philosophy and Eccentricities)

Medium: Paint marker on mat board

Size: 35x22 inches

Frame Size: 43x30 inches

Price: $6,500




Images of the three crowns and three ships represent colonial countries arriving to new lands. To natives they brought promises of new beginnings.  The image of the wolf represents the promise of protection. While making these promises, colonists tried to drive away the animalistic nature they saw in these native people. This history pushes us today to consider the inspirations of those beginnings and to assess how that affects our consciousness as we move forward.

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