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The Paper Game

Switching to an all online sales strategy has forced me to look at my work in a fresh new way. It has made me realize that because I always had a sweet show space, I did not have to think about some basic elements regarding my products. Mainly, I did not put much thought into the weight of the product nor the ease of shipping and handling.

So then... I introduce to you: The Paper Game.


I will spare you the boring details, for example, I won't tell you how many times I failed in order to get the process to where it is today or what materials work and which do not. What I will tell you is that they are made in sets, they are beautiful and that they are incredibly fun to make.


Here is the price point breakdown:

36x48 inches - $300 each

30x40 inches - $250 each

24x36 inches - $200 each


They ship in a tube and can be custom framed at your local frame shop or you can collect them all while easily storing them safely in their original container.

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