Los que siguen
(Those that Follow)
September 2018
A set of 11 original pieces made with acrylic, aerosol and paint marker on wooden surfboard.
This collection reflects thoughts on the culture of our society
and social media. It questions a culture with no clear purpose other than to attract unknown people for unknown reasons. Pieces consider the disappointments that can come from collaborations, of people who follow along for their own gain, and those who may leave when they get or realize that won’t get what they are seeking.

For pricing and availability contact us at: Alix@TheArtOfSantos.com

Title: Una idea (An Idea)

Size: 88.5 inches

Title: El gallo emocionado (The Excited Rooster)

Size: 79.75 inches

Title: Armado con un aguijon (Armed with a Stinger)

Size: 81 inches

Title: Ojos grandes (Big Eyes)

Size: 81 inches

Title: El gaucho vencido (The Defeated Hook)

Size: 83 inches

Title: Conversando con un gusano (Conversing with a Worm)

Size: 81 inches

Title: La paloma juzgada (The Judged Pidgeon)

Size: 81.75 inches

Title: Cuando nadie gana (When Nobody Wins)

Size: 79.5 inches

Title: Empesando temprano (Starting Early)

Size: 79.5 inches

Title: El gigante sonriente (The Smiling Giant)

Size: 80 inches

Title: Mercancia enmascarada (Masked Commodity)

Size: 78.5 inches