Investigaciones y distracciones
(Investigations and Distractions)
Feb 2018
A set of 12 original pieces made with aerosol, acrylic and paint marker on watercolor paper,
each custom framed to 18x24 inches in size.
This collection sees the emergence of the snake image, here raising the idea of selling one’s soul. The eight pieces explore why we are often compelled to do more than is necessary as well as the disappointment of people offering more than they are really willing to do.

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Title: Comiendo todo (Eating Everything)
Title: Con los cuernos chuecos (With Crooked Horns)
Title: De hoy en hoyo (From Hole to Hole)
Title: De todos lados (From All Sides)
Title: Hablando mas de la cuenta (Talking More than Needed)
Title: Los sue circulan (Those that Circle Around)
Title: Mas lo que viene (More to Come)
Title: Metiendo el dedo (Fingering)
Title: Musculo flexionado (Flexed Muscle)
Title: Ola tras ola (Wave After Wave)
Title: Todos torcidos (All Crooked)
Title: Un monstruo que crece (A Monster that Grows)

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