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New Limited Edition Pin

06 May 2020

Here is the latest addition to the collectibles catalog. It's a limited edition run, 1/100, of high quality pins. This time we are featuring the new logo design entitled: Fresco (Fresh).

Here is the scoop on the design:

A year ago we hired a consultant to help us gage the status of the brand. It was a unanimous decision that we needed a new logo design to help push the brand recognition to the next level.

This is the design that I came up with and we are now releasing it to you in various limited edition formats.



Currently not Taking Visitors

14 Mar 2020

I have never been good at preaching or even giving advice on social media but here goes nothing:

Social distancing on the event of a pandemic outbreak is not to protect yourself and/or those around you. Yes, it does that by default but it's not the sole intention of the discipline. It's a crucial strategy to not overwhelm the systems in place to care for those that are already ill.

And so, the Studio/Gallery will not be taking visitors until further notice but the online store will continue to take and process orders.

Stay smart and be well.



New Pieces Available

23 Feb 2020

A new batch of stenciled original pieces has become available.

This time we have chosen designs from the following collection:

Espejos convincentes

Convincing Mirrors

Twenty-three pieces reflect on the father-son relationship. There is a subconscious healing in these pieces which leads to a realization that the artist wants more for himself and his children. The collection's theme is on the desire to have the strength and will to fix these relationships rather than to give up.

What a Party!

02 Feb 2020

The Open Studio Party series has raised the bar. Over 200 people came through The Warehouse Space this past Saturday to a full on Maya Pop celebration.

It is always fantastic to see so many familiar faces coming to hang out time and time again. But nothing beats a new batch of fans. Overall a perfect night.

Special thanks to Trust Me Vodka for providing a never ending supply of spirits, El Nopalito Restaurant for keeping us well fed and Chuao Chocolatier for hooking up a sweet after taste.


New Silkscreened Print

12 Jan 2020

A new silkscreened print has been produced, documented and is now available through the online store.

This limited edition run of 75 units was made with hand painted sheets of watercolor paper using acrylic and aerosol paint thus making them unique.




New Collection

07 Jan 2020

We have good news for those that have been asking regarding the collection that was made right before your eyes at Kaaboo Del Mar, it is now documented and ready for viewing and or acquisition.



Wonderfront Festival

01 Dec 2019

The very first Wonderfront Festival was held on Nov 22-24 in beautiful downtown San Diego.

What an honor for us to participate on a grand scale for the best audience in the world.

We hope you got to experience it.

Oceanside is on the Board

26 Aug 2019

Congratulations Oceanside! You got yourself your first Maya Pop piece. And I promise it will not be the last because The Hill Street Country Club is on the case. Stop by Masters Kitchen and Cocktails for a great dining experience and see this one for yourself.


Leucadia gets a new mural

22 Jul 2019

Congratulations Leucadia! You got yourself another gem! Enjoy it and make it last because you never know. Head over to Kai Ola Sushi for some great eats and a fresh new look.


Geometric Doodles

20 Jul 2019

Yet another idea becomes reality. The first pieces from the Geometric Doodles series are complete and will be on full display at the next Open Studio Party.

For acquisition inquiries contact us at:

The Wall Project Vol. 1

23 Jun 2019

The first volume from the Wall Project is now complete. It is entitled Ambos Lados (Both Sides). It was made with acrylic paint on wood and measures 8 x 12 x 2 feet.

This installation is due to be displayed at Kaaboo Del Mar 2019. We invite you to come out and experience it in person.