November 2016
A set of 15 original pieces made with acrylic and paint marker on mat board, each custom framed to 32x40 inches in size.
Painted before the 2016 Presidential elections, this collection reflects the divisions and opinions in our society and our politics. It considers the positives and negatives when new beginnings bring new challenges. It is a look at a moment of change and questions whether it may create new divisions or beginnings for a movement of good.

For pricing and availability contact us at: Alix@TheArtOfSantos.com

Title: Conciencia (Awareness)
Title: Sobre la media luna (Above the Half Moon)
Title: La colmena (The Beehive)
Title: Redada (Raid)
Title: Pudor y gemidos (Modesty and Moans)
Title: Reciclando almas (Recycling Souls)
Title: Puntos de vista (Points of View)
Title: Un capullo que crece (A Bud that Grows)
Title: Ideas nuevas (New Ideas)
Title: Una termita (A Termite)
Title: Asimilacion (Assimilation)
Title: Algo que repica (Something that Chops)
Title: Embalaje ajeno (Someone Else's Baggage)
Title: Potencia (Power)
Title: El abrelatas (The Can Opener)

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