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Now Available

Since the start of our online store, we worked extra hard to ensure we were offering finished product to our clients. We did so by developing a sheet of wood that is pre-framed prior to painting. We also developed a custom floater frame that is available as an added option. These decisions made all the difference and collectors continue to be excited to know that they are purchasing ready to hang product.
However, we discovered that there is a large population of art buyers that prefer to frame the pieces themselves. And so, we are proud to announce that we hear you and that we have added a new line of product just for you.
To make things even easier, we have produced in standard sizes. Which means that you can go to any store near you and purchase a frame of your liking and budget for your piece.

Here is what we have in stock at 8x10 inches

Here is what we have in stock at 11x14 inches

Here is what we have in stock at 16x20 inches

Here is what we have in stock at 18x24 inches

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